Emily and Phil wedding day

I met Phil in the beginning of the year when he was looking for some new portraits for his new business website. We walked around The City of London on a glorious sunny morning, and we were both really pleased with the results of the images. It was lovely to receive a message from Phil a few months…

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Jade and Conor wedding day

A sunny Saturday during Spring was the perfect day for Jade and Conor’s wedding. Surrounded by family and friends, the couple celebrated their love and union at the Haringey Register Office in North London. It was a lovely day and I was so happy to be able to photograph such an important moment in their…

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Sêla Music Festival

Apart from travelling, one of the things I’m missing the most is going to a gig! Not just to enjoy the music and the brilliant artists but to photograph them. I’ve a lot of memories related to music in my life, so when I have the pleasure of photographing concerts and live music shows, I’m…

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Tica’s 80th birthday party

Birthdays are always a great time to celebrate someone’s life. Especially if that someone is celebrating 80 years old! Tica has a lovely family who has organised a couple of surprises on the day of her birthday party. Lots of laughs, happy tears, music, food and drinks. A day that everyone will remember forever that…

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Ben and Kelly wedding day

2020 will mark everyone’s life for the most varied reasons. For the couple Ben and Kelly it was the year of making the relationship more than official and, despite the reception and party been postponed, they held the civil wedding in the registry office this year along with their parents and their beautiful baby boy.…

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Visão Noturna album recording

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with talented professionals led by the Brazilian musician Felipe Antunes and the Angolan artist Nástio Mosquito during the recording of their album ‘Visão Noturna’. The project was sponsored by Natura Musical. The album was recorded in a very intimate and relaxed…

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Music Train

Every year in Brazil, between June and July, there is a traditional countryside celebration called “Festa Junina”. A lot of good food and music is involved, trust me. So, I’m from this very small town called Pindamonhangaba, in the countryside of São Paulo. Over there, they celebrate the date with an amazing party in a…

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Yolanda Eugênio, 85 years old. An accordionist, a talented cook and a big mom for many people. An energy that spreads and cheers the heart. A person that I have the honor to know. And yes, we’ve played accordion together. 🙂 Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo, Brazil, 2020.

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Circus Life

The Bremer Circus started in the city of Porto Alegre in the South Region of Brazil and they travel to several towns in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. They have around 30 people in the team and each family lives in their own motorhome. All the family members perform in the show apart from helping behind…

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People in Museums

This series started after looking at my photo archive and noticing that one of my favourite things when I visit a museum or exhibition is to play a bit with compositions. By observing how people behave in these art environments, I’ve created this little series that is still a work in progress.

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