Music is one of my greatest passions and something essential for me. How can we live without it? Musical memories are recurrent in my life and I was lucky enough to have learned to play instruments like the drums, which I love! So when I have the pleasure of photographing concerts and live music shows, I’m in heaven.

I can only think of the privilege that I have to be present in those moments. The energy that emanates from each performance thanks to the talent of the musicians is really incredible. What a beautiful art.

We have been professional partners for 5 years. Camila is always my first option when I need a photo job for the artists I work with. Her professionalism and respect for deadlines goes with her talent, creativity and the genuine way she puts her soul in projects.

Eduardo Lemos, music producer

Always a joy, a luck, to work with Camila. We have a great artistic dialogue, she embarks on the concept together, and, in addition, she is extremely professional, very dedicated and responsible with the material!

Felipe Antunes, musician

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