Taking a portrait of someone is always very interesting, because it is an intimate moment created often very quickly.

Portraying someone is a big responsibility that I take very seriously, but at the same time I always like to bring some light-heartedness to the photoshoot so that I can capture you in the most natural way possible and you can enjoy that experience.

I know what it’s like to have a camera pointed at you and how intimidating it can be, so my goal is to make the camera disappear to the point that it’s just us getting to know each other and interacting for a few minutes.

Oh yes, and if all goes well you will come out with a portrait at the end!

Working with Camila was wonderful. She knew the area well where I had photos and how to communicate to me in an effective professional way. She has a positive, warming nature about her which makes you feel comfortable whilst on the photo shoot.

Breanna France

Camila was outstanding, from beginning to end! In addition to her excellent credentials, she made the whole process so seamless, putting me at ease and taking my brief into detailed consideration. We had an enjoyable time together producing magazine-quality photos and I would highly recommend her!

Kelly Michel, director and founder of Potencia Ventures / founder and board member of Artemisia
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I feel very lucky – I found Camila via Facebook. We met up one sunny morning in the City of London (She had previously walked around the area to identify some good locations) – and set to work. I immediately felt relaxed with her and the time flew by as I was stood in various locations as we chatted whilst Camila snapped away. The results? I’m blown away. I have professional compositions that I feel proud of and I can’t wait for them to appear on the website. I 100% recommend Camila and will definitely be using her again in the future.

Phil Stubbs, business consultant and founder of intribl

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