Among all the amazing things photography brought to my life, having the chance to get to know new people and cultures is definitely the best part of it. When Marianthi first contacted me to photograph her daughter’s Greek orthodox baptism, I was super excited already. I did a bit of research online but also asked her all about the ceremony, it was all very fascinating to me, a Brazilian raised in a Catholic family.

On the day of the ceremony, all the family members were so friendly and sweet, which made the whole event flew by. Obviously, the baptism was all in Greek, which is a language that unfortunately I don’t speak, but that did not stop me from seeing all the joy and love in the air – from the kindness of the priest conducting the prayers while Marietha was playing with him, to the laughs and care from the godparents with the baby girl.

σας ευχαριστώ (thank you), Marianthi, it was a lovely ceremony.

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